Upon myself, bending
Risograph printed artist book
Edition of forty



Slice of Life, Sourdough Mother,
Hand-bound artist book
Edition of fifty

Jordmor is the Norwegian term for ‘birth mother.’ Breaking the word into its parts, jord (soil) and mor (mother) directly translates into ‘Earth-Mother’. I like the image that this conjures, of a body that is carried and borne by an entity that is both woman and land, the two inextricably mixed. The very existence of this word, I would argue, is telling of the ways a body longs for (or is expected to have) a connection to land.

In Slice of Life, Sourdough Mother, I contemplate this melding of body and earth through the process of leavening a sourdough with wild yeast. Slices in the pages allow for a zooming-in on bio-like imagery througout the book, as it unfolds in an exploration of filiation and the assumption of purity.

stones debris 29.11.16014crop2cobalt.jpg

Poem Books Vol. 1: Growth of the Soil
Risograph printed artist book
Edition of one hundred

This book is Vol.1 from the Poem Books series. The writing explores the discomfort of the diasporic experience, of taking root in other soils. Poem inspired by the Knut Hamsun novel of the same name.


Japanese stab-bound artist book
Seven poems and two relief prints
Edition of three